Lauren Moshi Tess Leopard Head Short Sleeve Tee

Lauren Moshi Leopard Tee

Lauren Moshi makes some of the cutest prints! I am more used to seeing her canvas tote bags, but perhaps that is only because they seem to be a celebrity favorite. More recently, however, I have sort of been rediscovering her clothing pieces. They still feature your favorite Lauren Moshi prints. They are just in a wearable form. Right now, I am liking the Lauren Moshi Leopard Tee!

Not surprisingly, I first became aware of this print when I saw a natural canvas tote with the leopard head printed in black. After seeing this sleeveless tee, however, I think I like this even more. The tee is opposite of the tote I saw… black with the print in white. The leopard is gorgeous. I love the way the white pops on the black background. It reminds me of a linoleum block carving, much like the ones I learned to create in school. It is such a cool look, perfect for those tough girls out there!


Find the Lauren Moshi Tess Leopard Tee at Singer22!

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