UGGS for a Cause

Just a heads up — before you waste anymore time on this post, I want you to know the only sizes available for any of these celebrity designed Ugg boots is 7US.

From now until December 14th UGGS will be auctioning off their star footwear with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Founded by the late entertainer Danny Thomas and based in Memphis, Tennessee, St. Jude freely shares its discoveries with scientific and medical communities around the world. No family ever pays for treatments not covered by insurance, and families without insurance are never asked to pay. St. Jude is financially supported by ALSAC, its fundraising organization.

Below are a few of the winter-wear boots up for sale. Prices are currently ranging from $240 and up to $1700. 4 days left though, so chances are those prices may double if not triple. Also, like I previously mentioned, they are only available in size 7US.

Kelly Ripa added her bubbly and good-natured personality to her boots with three dimensional flowers and butterflies. Ripa also showed off her true artistic talent by painting colorful and animated butterfly characters.

Ashlee Simpson’s artistic abilities “shine” through, as she designed her boots with a peacefully sunny California theme, including a surfer and dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Ashton Kutcher demonstrated his abstract personality on his truly one-of-a-kind boots. Ashton covered his boots with poetic phrases: on the right boot he wrote, “What Goes Up” and on the left, “Must Come Down.”

Audrina Patridge, star of “The Hills,” wanted to share her love for accessories by designing a wristlet. She enveloped the front in white, and along with her signature she painted streaming colors of gold, orange and light green on the back.

Cindy Crawford showed off her supermodel style by enveloping her boots in aqua blue with vibrant burnt orange hearts and metallic green vines as accents.

Ellen DeGeneres displayed her sparkling personality by painting her UGG Boots in dazzling metallic colors in varying patterns.

Eva Longoria’s boots emphasize the importance of love with imprinted bronze hearts on the toes of each boot.

The cast of Friday Night Lights came together and showcased their compassion and teamwork by decorating their UGG boots with bright signatures and inspirational symbols like hearts and shining stars.

Jessica Simpson’s playful personality is demonstrated in the design of her boots as she drew vivid hearts, butterflies, and flowers. On the back of each boot she hung a gold dove charm.

John Travolta kept it simple and designed his boots with only blue, black, and red. The acting legend drew blue lines topped with red and black polka dots on the toes of his boots.

Jordana Spiro’s stylish and creative personality is expressed with curvy lines, red stars, and gold painted buttons on her boots. The message of equality is portrayed through the words “you” and “me” on each boot.

Jorge Posada’s family extended their love to the children of St. Jude Children’s Hospital with these colorful boots. Adorned with hearts and butterflies, Posada demonstrates his strong belief in family by having his children sign the boots along with him.

Kelly Preston demonstrated her warm, loving personality with orange and gold hearts and dragonflies scattered on her boots. Each heart was outlined with dotted gold signifying her “heart of gold.”

The cast of the TV show “Las Vegas” all pitched in to add some Vegas sparkle to their UGG Boots. Each cast member including Tom Selleck, Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims, Vanessa Marcil, Camille Guaty, and James Lesure signed the boots in varying vibrant colors, making their mark towards making a difference. Guaty adorned the sides of each boot with metallic butterflies while Sims added a brilliant fuchsia rose right above her signature.

Liv Tyler showcases her artistic talent through detailed henna-inspired design, originating from the toe to the heel of the boots. The message of hope is marked on the toe and creates an inspiring message through her imaginative design.

Martha Stewart designed a beautiful winter wonderland scene on a pair of Classic Cardy Boots. She used a method called “felting” to create a truly unique work of art. On the left shoe there is a stunning deer, and the right boot showcases a classic evergreen tree. Martha topped them off by signing and dating the boots.

Matthew McConaughey showcased his free spirit by covering his boots in inspirational symbols such as doves, a peace sign, bright flowers, and his signature motto, “Just Keep Livin.” He even included a little Latin influence by adding the phrase “No Pierdas La Esperanza,” which is Spanish for “Don’t Lose Hope.”

Miley Cyrus celebrated her cheerful and positive attitude by adding a tiny white dove, a metallic rainbow, and a sun to the toes of each boot.

Minnie Driver’s bright personality shines through with a floral design in metallic lavender along with shimmering green leaves. On the heel of each boot, Driver contrasted her feminine design with a simple block-letter signature.

Penelope Cruz put her flare for style with a simple gold and black design on her UGG Boots. She used brilliant gold polka dots on the shell of the boot while intricately dotting black along the trim. Her finishing touch was her signature on the back sole of each boot.

Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit TV show “Family Guy,” demonstrated his sense of humor by decorating his boots with drawings of two of the show’s main characters “Stewie Griffin” the baby in the family, as well as “Brian Griffin” the all-knowing dog.

Sharon Stone displays her artistic side by wrapping her boots in gold and green ivy from heel to toe. Each boot also has metallic symbols of hope near the iconic actress’ signature.

Whoopi Goldberg’s fun and zany personality peeps through the dreaded yarn she attached to her boots, giving her boots a nod to her signature look.

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– Jennifer

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