Chloe Wedge Sneakers

I’ve never been a big fan of sneakers primarily because I’m not very tall. I think every woman isn’t completely happy with one thing about themselves and for me, it’s my height. I’m only 5’2 so sneakers are a big no, no for me. I do own a pair of flats but they only get used when my feet are aching.

Victoria Beckham is a fashion guru. I think she’s more known for her fashion than talent. I remember seeing a T.V. special that featured her moving to California and in one part of the show she was seen wearing wedge sneakers! I was amazed because that’s exactly what I needed! Sneakers were now short people proof!

The Chloe Wedge Sneakers are definitely shoes I could see Victoria Beckham wearing. They’re cute, edgy and fun! Whether you’re wearing shorts, skinny jeans or even leggings these would complete outfit especially on those days when wearing sneakers in a requirement! I like them!

You can purchase the See by Chloe Wedge Sneakers at Shop Bop for $395.

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Graduated with a degree in journalism and is currently going to Acting School. Part of the TheFashionRow team since January 2009 and BagBliss since February 2008.

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