Burberry Check Babywear

Pint-size style statement! How cute are these baby Burberry Infant Check Booties? The slippers are made with built-in sock and come in three different color palette versions of the classic Burberry Check: The pastel Pink, icey Blue, and of course the Traditional combination of red and brown. You can find ‘em @ Saks Fifth Avenue for $69

I bet little celebrity tots like (Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Baby) Suri or (Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdales Baby) Kingston have a couple pairs..

Pictured above is Suri Holmes-Cruise in the adorable Burberry toddler cotton check dress. Discover @ Saks Fifth Avenue for $128

Pictured above is Kingston Stefani-Rossdale, dressed in the classic Burberry infant check button up shirt. Discover @ Saks Fifth Avenue for $80

– Jennifer

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