Ash “Flirt” Kitten Heel Sneakers

I love heels and I’m definitely not a big fan of sneakers. Of course, I wear sneakers when I work out but believe me I don’t like it. The only reason why I’m not a fan of sneakers is because there is no height to them, at all! I’m very short, about 5’2, and I pretty much despise my height. My legs are too short and when I don’t have a heel on they look even shorter!

The fact that some brands are coming out with sneakers that have heels is fabulous. It’s pretty much the greatest invention ever to someone that is short. I’m not sure how it would actually feel to workout in sneaker heels but it is a pretty cool concept. However, I’m sure running on a tred mill would be an absolute nightmare with these still. Could you imagine fall or busting your ankle? Ouch.

Overall, I do love the idea of sneaker heels and totally want to buy a pair. I probably wouldn’t work out with them but there are always other places I want to wear sneakers to and I don’t because I’m afraid of looking short! Gives me a chance to be a little more casual, just with some height. A+ in my book!

You can purchase the Ash “Flirt” Kitten Heel Sneakers at Shop Bop for $138.

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