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    • Alice + Olivia Gwenie Sandals
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      Alice + Olivia Gwenie Sandals

      If you were to look in my closet, you would see I have a major shoe obsession. I literally have over 100 pairs of high heels and I still won’t stop buying them. Two weeks ago, I purchased 10 pairs of shoes in the course of three days! I’m even starting to buy wedge sneakers just so I always add some height ...

      On June 3, 2014 / By
    • Melissa Harmonic Flower Flip Flops
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      Melissa Harmonic Flower Flip Flops

      I had to do promotional work for the salon I work for at the beach yesterday. All we wore was a t-shirt, gym shorts and sneakers. I brought a tank top and a pair of sandals because I knew it was going to be ridiculously hot. I wasn’t allowed to wear them but I figured if I could wear them during my ...

      On May 26, 2014 / By
    • Joanna August 'The Parker' Twist Strap Wrap Dress
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      Joanna August ‘The Parker’ Twist Strap Wrap Dress

      It’s already 90 degrees and more in South Florida already but I know it hasn’t gotten that hot in other states just yet. If you are somewhere where you are still experiencing weather in the 70′s, consider yourself lucky! It’s so hot here in South Florida, that it’s hard to stay outside for longer than an hour. When it gets this hot, ...

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    • Stella-McCartney-Knickers-of-the-Week-Set
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      Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week

      I think most women these days wears thongs but sometimes it is nice to change it up a bit. Every time I go panty shopping, I always get thongs and bikini style underwear. To me, thongs are sexy and come in handy to hide the panty liner. However, bikini style panties can be adorable and they are more appropriate when you are ...

      On May 21, 2014 / By
    • Bop Basics Raffia Cap
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      Bop Basics Raffia Cap

      Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to take out those hats for when it’s scorching hot outside. I was just at the beach the past two days and I had to take out my New York Yankee’s hat because the sun was just too unbearable. However, I do love my Yankee’s but I’m a fashionista and I need a ...

      On May 18, 2014 / By
    • Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Bow Headband
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      Preppy Femininity! Salvatore Ferragamo Classic Bow Headband

      I always get compliments on my hair and it’s only because it’s naturally straight. I literally wake up with pin straight hair and for some odd reason, women love it. I’m not a huge fan of my hair because you can’t do much with it styling wise. No matter how much product use, curls and waves will never stay in my hair. ...

      On May 14, 2014 / By
    • Zero + Maria Cornejo Bikini
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      Zero + Maria Cornejo Bikini

      It’s already unbelievably hot in South Florida so it’s already bikini season here. It may not be bikini season everywhere yet but it’s coming folks! Time to get out your bikini’s or start purchasing some! I personally need to get rid of all of mine, start working out some more and purchase all new bikini’s. I think most of them I’ve had ...

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    • Sam Edelman Almira Lace Up Sandals
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      Sam Edelman Almira Lace Up Sandals

      Summer is almost here so that means it’s time to start bringing out our sexy sandals! Every Summer I try to treat myself to at least one pair of fabulous sandals. It’s usually high heels or a pair of wedges but I have to admit, I’m in love with the Sam Edelman “Almira” Lace Up Sandals. How gorgeous are these shoes? I ...

      On May 12, 2014 / By
    • STYLESTALKER Lover Romper
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      STYLESTALKER Lover Romper

      It’s already scorching hot in South Florida and people are in their Summer clothing. I live in Fort Lauderdale and it’s definitely normal to now see people going everywhere in a bikini, short shorts and flip flops. I don’t follow that crowd at all but I do like to wear rompers! Rompers keep you looking stylish even when the weather is unbearable ...

      On May 11, 2014 / By
    • Versace Crisscross Full Skirt Dress
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      Versace Crisscross Full Skirt Dress

      I absolutely love dressing up especially in fabulous dresses that are eye catching. I must have over 100 dresses in my closet and I won’t stop buying them. I’m definitely labeled a girly girl and I think there is nothing more feminine a woman can wear than a dress or a skirt. Right now, I’m dying over the Versace Crisscross Full Skirt ...

      On May 8, 2014 / By
    • Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set
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      Monserat De Lucca Puzzle Friendship Necklace

      I’m a huge fan of costume jewelry and I honestly prefer it over real jewelry. I can get so much for my money with costume jewelry and maybe one day I’ll be able to get some quality pieces but until then I’ll stick to fabulous fake jewelry. It’s funny, I went on a second date about a week and a half ago ...

      On May 6, 2014 / By
    • L.K. Bennett Gladiator Sandals
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      L.K. Bennett ‘Angie’ Sandals – Glamorous Take On The Classic Gladiator!

      I was never a fan of the flat style gladiator sandals. I thought they weren’t cute and didn’t compliment very many people. However, once they started coming out in heels I became an instant fan. It gives a high heel a totally different and unique look. You hardly see anyone wearing them and I’m a huge fan because I know they would ...

      On April 8, 2014 / By