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    • Alice + Olivia Bow Sweater
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      Put a Bow On It: Alice + Olivia ‘All Over Bow’ Sweater

      I’m extremely girly and I love bows. In fact, I just bought a Kate Spade “Beau” Bag about two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with it. That leaves me with jewelry, shirts, sweaters, shorts and heels with bows on them! Now I’m crushing on the alice + olivia “All Over Bow” Sweater and I would personally lover to wear it with a ...

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    • Jonathan Adler Koala Bottle Stopper
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      Jonathan Adler Koala Bottle Stopper

      I’m an animal lover and if I had it my way my backyard would resemble a zoo. My favorite animals are lions, zebras, giraffes and koala’s. Both are so beautiful in their own way but I think everyone would agree with me that out of those animals that koala’s are the cutest. I would love to go to a zoo in Australia ...

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    • Ella Moss Stella Maxi
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      Ella Moss Stella Maxi

      I live in Florida and my goodness is it hot here in the Summer. You can hardly breathe when you are outside and sweating is inevitable. Since the heat is pretty unbearable it helps a lot when you wear comfortable clothing. The lighter your clothes are the less likely you are to be uncomfortable and irritable. A lot of women wear maxi ...

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    • Tory Burch Heart Coin Purse
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      Tory Burch Heart Coin Purse

      I’m a hopeless romantic and sadly I’m single. I hope one day in the future I will eventually find my Prince Charming but until then I will keep loving romantic movies, pink accessories and anything with a heart on it. Just this past Friday, I went to Office Depot and I picked up the cutest composition book to write all my goals ...

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      How Long Do Levonelle Side Effects Last. Levonelle vs Postinor Possible Discomfort Morning After

      Koren soft licorice 1Chapter 7 If the liver is sick, it is contrary to the operation of the accumulation in the blood This affects the entire body as a whole, since all devices and dense hollow men have a close relationship with the liver because of its storage capacity If you do not have enough blood to the liver, then there flashing ...

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    • Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Coin Purse
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      Rebecca Minkoff Molly Metro Coin Purse

      I have always been a fan of coin purses and I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been on the hunt to find a cute pink one. I don’t have very many keys but I do love the whole idea of a coin purse. Sometimes I’m in an extreme hurry or just have to run somewhere really quick. It’s nice just ...

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    • Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff With Chain
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      Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff with Whisper-Thin Chain.

      I remember when I was in high school that ear cuffs were a HUGE thing. Everyone had them and some people would have multiples lining the edge of their ears. Yep, gaudy, I know! Some of them were rather bulky too. But I never really jumped on the bandwagon with that fad. I suppose it was a good thing I never did ...

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    • Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff
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      Alexis Bittar Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff

      Nothing adds drama to an ensemble like a statement piece. When it comes to statement pieces, I tend to go for jewelry items with bold details. They can really play up a little black dress, for example. Or add interest to a basic button-down shirt and dress pants. They are a great way to save money too. Keep your clothing simple and ...

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    • Tumi Lima Travel Toiletry Kit
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      Tumi Lima Travel Toiletry Kit

      I like to match and be as organized as possible when it comes to any of my fashion accessories. I’m not going to lie, my bedroom looks like a tornado hit it from time to time but my the inside of my bags, school supply, closet and traveling accessories are always organized 100%. I just went to New York in March and ...

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    • Tory Burch Penny Wedge Sandals
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      Tory Burch Penny Wedge Sandals

      I’m not too fond of the heat or humidity but whenever Summer is near I know fabulous wedges will be hitting the stores. Wedges are my absolute favorite type of shoe to wear because they are adorable and so incredibly comfortable. I have a pair of Kors by Michael Kors wedges that are about six inches high and I can literally wear ...

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    • College Survival Kit
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      The College Survival Kit

      The school year has just ended, so it seems odd to find this in the new arrivals section. Then again, they may just be planning ahead for the fall semester already. Do you know someone who will be heading off to college in the fall? Perhaps this will serve as a good gift idea. Meet the Pinch Provisions College Survival Kit! This ...

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    • Sara Designs Maasi Native Watch
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      Sara Designs Maasi Native Watch

      I don’t know what it is, but I love unique and unusual watches. I think it is because they aren’t really jewelry. At least not in a formal sense anyway. You can certainly have a dressy watch for dressy occasions. However, when it comes to casual occasions, anything goes! You don’t necessarily have to match your outfit or coordinate with your other ...

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