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      Limited Edition Valentino 45th Anniversary Watch

      45 years of Valentino. To celebrate this milestone Valentino teamed up with Timex to release a line of limited edition watches. Price to get this 45 diamond-studded, 18kt white gold watches with alligator strap strapped on your arm will set you back about $45,000 For more information checkout Valentino.com to get the number for the Valentino Boutique nearest to you. – Jennifer ...

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      Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Kai Body Buffer

      Made the famous “Oprah’s Favorite Things” lists for 2007, it’s the exotic scented Kai Body Buffer. Take a mini trip to a tropical paradise every time you step in the shower. kai’s new body buffer is infused with a light blend of exotic perfumes and natural essences, including palm, coconut and olive oil that create luxuriously scented foaming bubbles while the puff ...

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      The Go-Green Goyard St. Louis Shopper Tote

      Goyard special green edition canvas purse is designed from 100% recycled natural material without plastic or petroleum. You can find it at your local Barneys, where it retails for $1,095. Also, since Barney’s no longer sells Goyard designer handbags online, visit Goyard.com to get a list of department stores that sell them in your area. Remember with the monogramming you have to ...

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      Juicy Couture Lollipop Boyshort

      $18 a pop! This luscious lolly is sugar free: it’s actually a cleverly packaged panty adorned with a yummy Juicy saying. Choose from “Live For Sugar,” “Keep Me Sweet” and “Eat Candy” styles. Discover the Juicy Couture Lollipop Boyshort Price: $18 – Jennifer [ cialis on line pricing in canada | order viagra online | viagra joke | purchase cialis | gel ...

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      Welcome to The Fashion Row!

      Brought to you by the same girl behind the well-known home for the designer handbag obsessed, Bag Bliss. Are you ready? The Fashion Row is here and ready to feed you handfuls of delicious fashion filled posts. The Fashion Row is a daily fashion newer-blog-styled snapshot showing of everything we here at TFR love and dying to share with you. Enjoy! If ...

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