Chanel Pearl Necklace

Vintage Chanel Pearl Necklace

Chanel Vintage Pearl Necklace
Right now we’re in the seasons where by no means can you be overdressed. It’s the time of year where we go to the jewelry box and draw out the glitz, the glimmer, the sparkles and the Chanel for special occasions. What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage offers this authentic bead and imitation pearl compilation on a long necklace by the French House of Chanel.

By simple means of wearing a statement necklace, you can transform any casual or all black outfit into something couture. Distinct detailing of Chanel’s infamous interlocking C’s in enamel can be found throughout this piece, serving as confirmation that your jewelry isn’t anything ordinary. If you’re familiar with WGACA Vintage, you know they specialize in collecting gently worn luxury goods and the same applies to this necklace. This authentic Chanel necklace carries a steep price tag of $3,025 and can be purchased through the Designer Boutique of: Shopbop

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