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DANNIJO Paloma Necklace

Statement Accessory: DANNIJO Paloma Necklace

How do you add a statement to a simple little black dress? For most of you, the answer is some kind of accessory. A clutch? Shoes? What about jewelry? Well, the answer could be any one of these things… each offering its own unique spin. For me, I am really liking the idea of statement jewelry right now. I happened to come across the DANNIJO Paloma Necklace and it looks like it might be just the thing I am looking for!

This DANNIJO Paloma Necklace is one BIG statement piece. I mean that literally too! This necklace definitely has some substance to it. I would probably classify it as a bib style. I love the chain links and the fact that they are varied in size and shape. They create almost a tiered look. And then there is the focal point of this piece. In the center, there are three “balls” with a border around them. They really draw the eye in and tie the whole piece together. This necklace may not have the bling, but there is no mistaking its boldness. Just remember to keep the other accessories to a minimum!

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Retails for $570

Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set

Monserat De Lucca Puzzle Friendship Necklace

I’m a huge fan of costume jewelry and I honestly prefer it over real jewelry. I can get so much for my money with costume jewelry and maybe one day I’ll be able to get some quality pieces but until then I’ll stick to fabulous fake jewelry. It’s funny, I went on a second date about a week and a half ago and I felt the guy judged me when I said I wasn’t a huge fan of diamonds. Yes, every woman loves diamonds but not all of us can afford them. He pretty much said costume jewelry wasn’t nice and that wouldn’t I like to have “nice pieces” of jewelry one day. It was an instant turn off but there is nothing wrong with loving costume jewelry!

Right now, I’m loving the Monserat De Lucca Puzzle Friendship Necklace. Puzzle pieces instantly bring me back to my childhood and I would love to get this to share with my best friend that I’ve had since I was 6! It’s adorable that each piece says either you or me on it. It’s the perfect jewelry set for two great friends!

Price Tag: $84

TOM BINNS Melody of Life Cupchain Necklace

TOM BINNS ‘Melody of Life’ Cupchain Necklace

Within the past four months I can’t even tell you how much costume jewelry I’ve purchased. I promise none of it is garbage and every piece is pretty high quality. I’ve never been a girl to wear jewelry so the fact that I’m wearing costume jewelry now is a fluke but yet a blessing. I like feeling girly, dressing up and costume jewelry gives all of my looks the perfect finishing touch.

If I could get my hands on any jewelry right now, it would be anything by TOM BINNS but especially the “Melody of Life” Cupchain Necklace. This necklace is beautiful and would look stunning with just about any evening look. I can see women wearing it with a gown, a dress or maybe just to spruce up a casual look a little more. I love the design of this piece and the blue crystals are so elegant and eye catching. All eyes will be on you wherever you decide to wear this necklace.

Price Tag: 540

Heather Hawkins Pyrite Dagger Necklace

Heather Hawkins Pyrite Dagger Necklace

Whenever I think of pyrite, I think of that tacky souvenir sitting in my curio. It is literally a raw chunk of pyrite glued onto a colored slice of agate. Centered along one side is a plaque with “Colorado” imprinted on it. No, this wasn’t a souvenir I bought for myself! It was actually given to me by a co-worker after covering for her while she was on vacation in Colorado. Unfortunately, I think the act of giving others tacky souvenirs is contagious because I like to buy them for family members now every time I go on vacation somewhere!

Surprisingly though, pyrite can be much more than a tacky souvenir from Colorado. When cut and polished, it makes a pretty stone for jewelry. This is quite apparent with the Heather Hawkins Pyrite Dagger Necklace you see pictured here! The color of polished pyrite is quite unique and it looks great on this double strand necklace. Of course, I am in love with the long spike dangling from the lower strand as well!


Pamela Love Serpentine Pendant Necklace

Pamela Love Serpentine Pendant

I have always had a soft spot for snakes. I just love them! Their long slender bodies are sleek, almost elegant in appearance. They often have cute faces too. I know that sounds weird, but they really are cute. This is especially true for rat snakes, with their large eyes and rounded noses. I suppose it comes as no surprise then that this lovely necklace caught my eye. Check out this Pamela Love Serpentine Pendant!

When I look at this pendant, I certainly see a reptilian head. The description refers to it as a serpent head, yet I am unfamiliar with what snake it could possibly be modeled after. Perhaps it is the placement of the eyes and nostrils. Oh well, it is still a very attractive pendant nonetheless. What I think is most unique about it, however, is the fact that this piece features just the head. Most snake-themed pieces depict the entire body. Plus I love the antiqued silver. It gives the grooves between the scales some extra definition. It is definitely the rich texture that makes this piece!

Price Tag: $175

Monserat De Lucca Aries Pisces Zodiac Necklace

Monserat De Lucca Zodiac Necklaces

Zodiac-themed jewelry is definitely nothing new. Whether it was a bracelet, pendant, or charm… you probably had something depicting your sign. Okay, maybe not. I know I did though! Normally these pieces are pretty simple-looking. You know, a simple circular piece with a zodiac symbol engraved in it. Or perhaps a zodiac symbol embellished with rhinestones. Sound familiar? Well, Monserat De Lucca has taken a completely different approach to this! Check out these awesome Monserat De Lucca Zodiac Necklaces!

These necklaces are very unique because they depict the signs of the zodiac in a completely unexpected way. Look at Pisces, for example. Yep, those are two fish skeletons! And Aries? A ram’s skull! Wow, talk about putting a new spin on things! The necklaces themselves are beautiful. I love the brass and oxidized detailing. And like many pieces from this designer, these pendants are somewhat oversized. They aren’t huge, but they are large enough to grab the attention of passersby!

Price Tag: $60 each

Tory Burch Dragonfly Necklace

Tory Burch Dragonfly Pendant Necklace

Ever since I was little I have always loved butterflies and dragonflies. I love them on like decor to put around my room but I would never actually touch one. In fact, I’m terrified of bugs including butterflies and dragonflies! I do love to look at them though because they are truly beautiful and I was always told since I was a kid that they can bring you luck and hope. If they stay far away from me I’m an extremely happy camper on so many different levels.

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Venessa Arizaga Gummy

Venessa Arizaga Gummy Bear Necklace

Venessa Arizaga Gummy
When I was little, I ate gummy bears like it was going out of style. I also remember there being a cartoon that was on that was called “The Adventures of the Gummy Bears” or something like that. You might now want me to quote me on that title but there definitely a cartoon I watched with jumping Gummy Bears all over it. When I saw the Venessa Arizaga “Gummy Bear” Necklace it instantly brought me back to my childhood. I don’t really eat Gummy Bears now but it’s definitely cute. This is totally something I would have wanted back then and I think I would wear it now for fun.

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Vanessa Mooney Ancient Highway Necklace

Vanessa Mooney Ancient Highway Necklace

When it comes to fashion jewelry, I love statement pieces. Rings are probably my favorite, since they draw the eye without bringing too much attention. But statement necklaces? Wowza! I think they are a little harder. Definitely doable, but harder. Take the Vanessa Mooney Ancient Highway Necklace, for example.

There is no doubt this necklace is going to draw attention! But gosh, it sure is beautiful! I love the tiered chains and the inverted pyramid shape they create. I also love the copper and ox bone beads linking those tiers together. It looks somewhat Native American-inspired, but without the traditional colors. Actually, I think that is what makes this necklace doable. It is big, dramatic, and it even has a large spike pendant dangling from the bottom. Yet it isn’t so overpowering that the average gal couldn’t pull it off. All you need is a simple top that allows this piece to be draped freely. No other jewelry is needed either. This piece can definitely speak for itself!

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Venessa Arizaga "My Finest Hour" Necklace

Venessa Arizaga “My Finest Hour” Necklace

Venessa Arizaga "My Finest Hour" Necklace
I’m definitely a woman that prefers handbags and shoes over jewelry. You won’t find me sporting a ton of gold or diamonds on any given day. However, I do love fake jewelry especially if it has crystals all over it! I absolutely love crystals and in my opinion they can make any accessory look prettier. As soon as I spotted the Venessa Arizaga “My Finest Hour” Necklace on Shop Bop, I instantly fell in love. This would be such a beautiful accessory to wear during the evening.

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ONE by 8 Other Reasons -Showtime- Necklace

ONE by 8 Other Reasons “Showtime” Necklace

I consider myself a fashionable woman. I love feeling and looking glamorous so dressing up is always a must for me. Almost every day of the week you will find me dressed up and with my hair and makeup done. My Mother was the same exact way and she’s the reason why I am the way I am. With that said, if there’s one think I love it’s crystals! I actually prefer them over diamonds because they’re more affordable and they come in all different colors without breaking your bank account.

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Lulu Frost Insight Necklace

Lulu Frost Insight Necklace

Has anyone heard of Lulu Frost? I recently stumbled upon this designer while browsing and I will admit I became instantly obsessed! Everything about this designer is intriguing. Lisa Salzer named her line after her grandmother, who worked in the estate and antique jewelry business. She uses found objects to create one-of-a-kind pieces and her designs carry with them a great vintage vibe. Interestingly, some of her most recent pieces appear to have a bit of ancient Egyptian influence. Just check out the Lulu Frost Insight Necklace!

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