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Rosantica Giovanna Oxidized Gold Body Chain

The Finishing Touch: Rosantica Giovanna Oxidized Gold Body Chain

With much regret, I still remember the juvenile punk rock phase I went through during my early high school years and my deep attraction to everything black, chain and stud. I’ve reminisced to the years as a rad girl all summer long with the hot trend of the body chains. Bling body jewelry looked best this summer, paired with low cut tops, beach wear, and cropped everything; even celebrities of all ages gave into the trend.

Today I’m admiring Greek and Roman inspired brand Rosantica, with their unique take on the body chain. An array of gold-toned brass chain strands creates this elegant cape that sits beautifully on the shoulders and drapes to the decolletage, or upper torso. Black, bronze and silver crystal beads are found intertwined throughout the metal chains, creating a striking contrast against your skin and ultimately, your entire evening look.

This dazzling Rosantica piece retails for $1,615 and can be found online at NET-A-PORTER: Rosantica Giovanna

Chanel Pearl Necklace

Vintage Chanel Pearl Necklace

Chanel Vintage Pearl Necklace
Right now we’re in the seasons where by no means can you be overdressed. It’s the time of year where we go to the jewelry box and draw out the glitz, the glimmer, the sparkles and the Chanel for special occasions. What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage offers this authentic bead and imitation pearl compilation on a long necklace by the French House of Chanel.

By simple means of wearing a statement necklace, you can transform any casual or all black outfit into something couture. Distinct detailing of Chanel’s infamous interlocking C’s in enamel can be found throughout this piece, serving as confirmation that your jewelry isn’t anything ordinary. If you’re familiar with WGACA Vintage, you know they specialize in collecting gently worn luxury goods and the same applies to this necklace. This authentic Chanel necklace carries a steep price tag of $3,025 and can be purchased through the Designer Boutique of: Shopbop

Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff With Chain

Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff with Whisper-Thin Chain.

I remember when I was in high school that ear cuffs were a HUGE thing. Everyone had them and some people would have multiples lining the edge of their ears. Yep, gaudy, I know! Some of them were rather bulky too. But I never really jumped on the bandwagon with that fad. I suppose it was a good thing I never did because they disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared! Well, guess what. Ear cuffs are back. But I am not as put off by their reappearance as I thought I would be. That is because most are actually quite dainty. Just check out the Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff With Chain!

It is described as a whisper-thin chain uniting a tiny ear cuff and ball stud earring. Whisper-thin is right! The 3.25 inch chain is super dainty. The cuff is practically invisible too. The result is a very elegant piece that would be perfect for anyone looking for something a little different!

$165 (single)

Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff

Alexis Bittar Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff

Nothing adds drama to an ensemble like a statement piece. When it comes to statement pieces, I tend to go for jewelry items with bold details. They can really play up a little black dress, for example. Or add interest to a basic button-down shirt and dress pants. They are a great way to save money too. Keep your clothing simple and classic so your wardrobe can stand the test of time. Leave the fun for your jewelry purchases and trade out trendy stuff as necessary. And remember, the bigger the statement the better! That is why I am really loving the Alexis Bittar Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff right now!

Layers of antiqued rhodium strands create the foundation for this piece. From a distance, they give off a feather-like appearance. A large chunk of turquoise creates the focal point of this piece. Surrounding the stone is a contrasting border of gold tone metal, which is encrusted with tons of Swarovski crystals. Together these features offer a truly unique and trendy piece. It is perfect for summer!

Price Tag: $346

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tiny Bunny Bracelet

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tiny Bunny Bracelet

I love animals. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of animal it is either. I love them all! But let’s face it, a girl has to have her favorites. My favorites are probably turtles, birds, and bunnies. When it comes jewelry, I have seen a ton of turtle pieces and bird pieces. Rabbit-themed jewelry though, not so much! So I suppose it was only natural for me to take delight in this lovely bracelet. Just check out this Marc by Marc Jacobs Tiny Bunny Bracelet!

Now Marc Jacobs is no stranger to animal-motifs. He is always incorporating them into his designs. I am not sure, but this latest MBMJ collection may be the first time he has looked to our lagomorph friends for inspiration. I am sure glad he did though! Bunnies are just so cute! I love their long ears and puffy tails. The bunny on this bracelet is nothing short of precious. The first thing you notice is the crystal eyes. Then you are drawn in by that endearing little smile! This piece is definitely getting added to my wish-list!

Price Tag: $58

Vintage Chanel Cambon Bag Earrings

Vintage Chanel Cambon Bag Earrings

I’ve been shopping for jewelry non-stop for the past month. I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve spent at Henri Bendel but no worries, I have absolutely no buyers remorse! I’m not one for real jewelry but for something fake, less expensive and glamorous I’m a huge fan. However, I do love vintage jewelry and that comes at a big price sometimes. Like the Vintage Chanel Cambon Bag Earrings. These earrings are stunning and I absolutely love that they are little Chanel bags hanging from your ear.

OK, yes they are pricey but it’s Chanel! When is Chanel not pricey? However, this in Vintage and they practically look brand new! This is what I call statement jewelry especially because no one can go out and buy these beauties. I’m sure any fashion lover would comment if they saw you wearing these and they would be a great Holiday gift for the special Fashionista in your life. I would personally love to wear them with a black suit. Chanel is sophisticated, classy and glamorous so you might as well wear a look that emulates the brand well. Such beautiful earrings and only one person can buy them on Shop Bop! Click away and show us pictures on the forum if you purchase them. They are drop dead gorgeous!

Price Tag: $1,463

Hand Candy Yogi Headphones

Hand Candy Yogi Headphones – A Girly Accessory for the Tech Savvy!

It seems everyone has a portable music device these days. Even smart phones double as portable music devices now! So even if you don’t own an iPod or whatever, you can bet you are probably still listening to your favorite music wherever you go. As wonderful as this is, there is still one teensy little problem. Those ugly headphones! There are tons of options for dressing up your device. But even the most discreet headphones, like those small ear buds, are not very stylish. What if your headphones could double as something else? Perhaps a piece of jewelry? Oh, I think we are getting warmer! How about a necklace? I think Hand Candy just read my mind. Meet the Hand Candy Yogi Headphones!

Is this not the most beautiful set of headphones you have ever seen? They are designed to look and function like a beaded necklace. I love the blue and wooden beads! The long end plugs into your device and the ear buds extend out from the clasp on the back of your neck. So if you have long hair, people might not even notice if you have them in.

$44 (includes extension cord, carrying pouch, and 6 earbud tips)

Venessa Arizaga Gummy

Venessa Arizaga Gummy Bear Necklace

Venessa Arizaga Gummy
When I was little, I ate gummy bears like it was going out of style. I also remember there being a cartoon that was on that was called “The Adventures of the Gummy Bears” or something like that. You might now want me to quote me on that title but there definitely a cartoon I watched with jumping Gummy Bears all over it. When I saw the Venessa Arizaga “Gummy Bear” Necklace it instantly brought me back to my childhood. I don’t really eat Gummy Bears now but it’s definitely cute. This is totally something I would have wanted back then and I think I would wear it now for fun.

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DANNIJO "Valerie" Earrings

DANNIJO ‘Valerie’ Earrings

DANNIJO "Valerie" Earrings
I’m not one to wear a lot of jewelry but lately I’ve been into anything that has crystals on it especially Swarovski crystals. You will never catch my wearing a ton of gold or diamonds but crystals I can do. I’m always looking at Henri Bendel to see the new jewels they released and just last week I picked up a compact there that has crystals all over it. I’m obsessed!

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Vanessa Mooney Ancient Highway Necklace

Vanessa Mooney Ancient Highway Necklace

When it comes to fashion jewelry, I love statement pieces. Rings are probably my favorite, since they draw the eye without bringing too much attention. But statement necklaces? Wowza! I think they are a little harder. Definitely doable, but harder. Take the Vanessa Mooney Ancient Highway Necklace, for example.

There is no doubt this necklace is going to draw attention! But gosh, it sure is beautiful! I love the tiered chains and the inverted pyramid shape they create. I also love the copper and ox bone beads linking those tiers together. It looks somewhat Native American-inspired, but without the traditional colors. Actually, I think that is what makes this necklace doable. It is big, dramatic, and it even has a large spike pendant dangling from the bottom. Yet it isn’t so overpowering that the average gal couldn’t pull it off. All you need is a simple top that allows this piece to be draped freely. No other jewelry is needed either. This piece can definitely speak for itself!

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Eddie Borgo 'Five Finger' Ring

Eddie Borgo ‘Five Finger’ Ring

I’ve never been much of a jewelry fan till I discovered Henri Bendel. Even before that though, I hardly ever wore jewelry unless it was incredibly unique looking and would catch people’s eyes. I remember I use to have these earrings that were safety pins with crystals all over them. They literally hung from a tiny loop and anytime I wore them people always asked me where I got them or commented that they loved them. I love different looking jewelry pieces and they definitely fit my personality.

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Venessa Arizaga "My Finest Hour" Necklace

Venessa Arizaga “My Finest Hour” Necklace

Venessa Arizaga "My Finest Hour" Necklace
I’m definitely a woman that prefers handbags and shoes over jewelry. You won’t find me sporting a ton of gold or diamonds on any given day. However, I do love fake jewelry especially if it has crystals all over it! I absolutely love crystals and in my opinion they can make any accessory look prettier. As soon as I spotted the Venessa Arizaga “My Finest Hour” Necklace on Shop Bop, I instantly fell in love. This would be such a beautiful accessory to wear during the evening.

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