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Soo Ihn Kim -Logan Anchor- Earrings

Soo Ihn Kim “Logan Anchor” Earrings

I’m not one to go on a boat or be near the water. I think it’s relaxing but it’s definitely not my style to get drenched and ruin my hair and makeup. I know, sounds kind of snotty but I’ve never been a fan of water. I shower in it, drink it and that’s about it!

However, I strangely love anchors and anything that resembles a sailor especially if it’s old school style. The “Logan Anchor” Earrings are adorable and definitely an accessory I would wear! Let’s face it, Summer is coming and nothing screams the Summer season more than the beach.

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Soo Ihn Kim Jinx Cuff

When I was in college I took quite a few art classes. I thought for a second that maybe I wanted to get a degree in art. Art is fascinating to me and the things people can create with their hands is out of this world. When it comes to my hands, I have absolutely no artistic ability so to see what others can do is astonishing to me. I think my obsession with fashion comes from my love of art. Designers are basically artists that make things for us to wear, use and carry.

The Soo Ihn Kim “Jinx” Cuff is definitely an artsy and unique piece of jewelry that I would wear in a heartbeat. I love things that look different and this cuff looks like a piece of architecture. Whether you’re wearing something casual or a little more dressy it pops out at you. The “Jinx” is a statement piece and because of that, I love it! It’s a great cuff to own and for the price you can’t go wrong.

You can purchase the Soo Ihn Kim “Jinx” Cuff at Shop Bop for $58.