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Report “Calyer” Pumps

I love shoes especially ones that look unique. I also love shoes that can pass as Christian Louboutin’s. Christian Louboutin’s are amazing and probably my favorite designer shoe out there. I’ll admit though when I find a pair of shoes that can pass as Christian Louboutin’s, I get a little excited especially if they are a quarter of the price.

When I saw the Report “Calyer” Slated Platform Pumps I fell in love instantly. At first glance I thought they were Christian Louboutin’s. They definitely have the same look, just without the red sole’s. They seemed unique looking to me because they look as if someone came by and sliced they up with a sharp knife.

Even though the “Calyer” comes in two different colors, I love the almond color way more. The black version is lovely, but the slits in the shoe stick out and can be seen more in the almond color. Such a beautiful pump to have and would look amazing with a pair of super cute denim skinny jeans.

You can purchase the Report “Calyer” Slatted Platform Pumps at Shop Bop for $265.

Report Clarkson Crystal Booties

I love shoes and recently I’ve undergone an infatuation with booties. It’s probably because we are currently in Fall moving in Winter shortly. It may not be cold in Florida, but it sure is fun to dress up in clothes that compliment cooler weather. It’s even more fun to be able to wear boots! Florida is very hot all year long, so to wear boots here would just be purely for a sweaty fashion statement.

When I spied the Report Signature “Clarkson” Crystal Platform Booties I was instantly in love. Lately, I’ve just loved anything that features crystal, but crystals on a boot? Not that’s too good to be true!

I can totally envision myself wearing these with leggings, a simple pair of black leggings that is. These are definitely the type of boots you wear with a very simple outfit. I know I wouldn’t want any outfit I wear to take attention away from these beauties. These gorgeous boots deserve all the limelight they can get! Such a beautiful pair of booties that have already made their way onto my wish list.

The Report Signature “Clarkson” Crystal Platform Booties can be purchased at Shop Bop for $395.

Report Signature Parker Pumps

I love shoes, in fact I pretty much have an obsession with them. Anyone that comes in my closet is always astonished by how many boxes of are shoes are piled to the top. Currently, I would say I have over 120 pairs of shoes and there is no way to stop me from buying more.

The type of shoes that catch my eye are the unique ones that really make a statement. Yes, I love fashion and clothes but to me an amazing pair of shoes really finishes an outfit. They’re pretty much like pieces of art that can be displayed on your feet.

Right now, I’m drooling over the Report Signature “Parker” Crystal Leopard Pumps. I’ve never been one into any type of animal print, but I must make an exception for these. All the crystals featured on the shoes almost makes it look like you are wearing jewelry on your feet.

Even though I’m not fond of animal prints, I’d say this shoe doesn’t even look like it’s supposed to be leopard print. If I hadn’t seen the name of the pump, I would have thought that it was clear crystals with black crystal blotches all over. Leopard or not, I’m in love with these heels and must have them!

The Report Signature “Parker” Crystal Leopard Pumps can be purchased at Shop Bop for $250. A little pricey, but I was honestly expecting more due to the fact that the shoe is adorned in crystals. Definitely a “love at first sight” kind of shoe for me!

See the Report Signature “Parker” Crystal Leopard Pumps at: Shop Bop