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Pamela Love Serpentine Pendant Necklace

Pamela Love Serpentine Pendant

I have always had a soft spot for snakes. I just love them! Their long slender bodies are sleek, almost elegant in appearance. They often have cute faces too. I know that sounds weird, but they really are cute. This is especially true for rat snakes, with their large eyes and rounded noses. I suppose it comes as no surprise then that this lovely necklace caught my eye. Check out this Pamela Love Serpentine Pendant!

When I look at this pendant, I certainly see a reptilian head. The description refers to it as a serpent head, yet I am unfamiliar with what snake it could possibly be modeled after. Perhaps it is the placement of the eyes and nostrils. Oh well, it is still a very attractive pendant nonetheless. What I think is most unique about it, however, is the fact that this piece features just the head. Most snake-themed pieces depict the entire body. Plus I love the antiqued silver. It gives the grooves between the scales some extra definition. It is definitely the rich texture that makes this piece!

Price Tag: $175

Pamela Love Spider Earrings

Pamela Love Spider & Pearl Earrings

Pamela Love Spider Earrings
My relationship with spiders is quite strange. If I see one in my car when I am driving, for example, I might freak out if I think it is going to descend on its silk right into my lap. Yet if I see one crawling around outside, I can calmly pick it up (using a container, of course). I’m not sure why that is. I think it helps though if I think of the book Charlotte’s Web. It was one of my favorite books as a child, even though its kind of sad. So I suppose it would be alright if I allowed myself to like these earrings you see here. Meet the Pamela Love Spider & Pearl Earrings!

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Pamela Love Zellij Necklace

Pamela Love Zellij Half-moon Necklace

Pamela Love makes some of the most interesting-looking jewelry pieces I have probably ever seen. According to the designer’s profile, her jewelry is “inspired by art, nature, science, religion, magic, and folk jewelry from around the world”. After pondering over this piece you see pictured here, I think I can see what was meant by that description. Introducing the Pamela Love Zellij Necklace!

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Pamela Love Talon Cuff

I love wear anything unique that will catch people’s eye. I’m your typical “Leo”. I hate being like everyone else and I love being different. Anything that’s fashionable and that can be labeled weird, edgy or eccentric it’s so me. It’s no wonder the Pamela Love “Talon” Cuff made me drool. I hate the price but boy do I love this piece of work! It’s literally like featuring art work on your arm.

When can you ever say you saw a cuff that look like a vultures claw? I absolutely love how it’s so life like. It almost looks as if the claw was chopped off of a bird, painted silver and sold as jewelry. Sorry, peta lovers but you know it’s true!

This is a piece of jewelry I would rock anywhere because it would catch anyone’s eye. It’s probably a piece that would make people stare but then think you’re weird so they don’t want to comment to you about it. Always remember though, being different is cool and following trends gets old. Why wear diamonds like every woman when you can wear things like a claw around your arm? Pretty awesome if you ask me.

You can purchase the Pamela Love “Talon” Cuff at Shop Bop for $880. Kind of pricey but this piece is so amazing that it maybe worth every penny.