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Nixon "Time Teller" Acetate Watch

Nixon “Time Teller” Acetate Watch

I currently have a Michael Kors tortoise watch. I’ve had it since 2008 and I’m craving to get another watch. I’ve already made up my mind that I want an all gold or black watch. Gold is really flashy and black is classy. I love the Michael Kors gold watches but I think I just fell in love with the Nixon “Time Teller” Acetate Watch. It’s simple but screams sophistication.

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Nixon Acetate Watch

I recently watched the “Titanic” and I think every woman out there can’t help but notice the “Heart of the Ocean” in it. I mean, how could you possibly miss it all those jewels that cost so much money and Rose just decide it to throw it in the ocean at the end of the movie. Insane, but thank goodness it’s just a movie right?

Call me crazy, but the Nixon Time Teller “Acetate” watch reminded me of the “Titanic” movie. The watch may not be “The Heart of the Ocean” but the color is pretty close to it and it’s a lot more affordable! I personally am not a huge fan of watches but I can appreciate one that has lots of beauty. For the price, this watch is gorgeous! It’ not everyday you see a watch that resembles the ocean or is blue for that matter! Unfortunately, it doesn’t match my wardrobe or style at all but I won’t deny the fact that it’s a stunning watch that’s definitely worth the price!

You can purchase the Nixon Time Teller “Acetate” Watch at Shop Bop for $150.