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Lauren Moshi April Flag Oversized Tee

Lauren Moshi Flag Tee

I will admit, I don’t like the look of American flags on t-shirts. It just seems cheesy to me. However, I am sort of liking this t-shirt from Lauren Moshi. Meet the Lauren Moshi Flag Tee!

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Lauren Moshi Tess Leopard Head Short Sleeve Tee

Lauren Moshi Leopard Tee

Lauren Moshi makes some of the cutest prints! I am more used to seeing her canvas tote bags, but perhaps that is only because they seem to be a celebrity favorite. More recently, however, I have sort of been rediscovering her clothing pieces. They still feature your favorite Lauren Moshi prints. They are just in a wearable form. Right now, I am liking the Lauren Moshi Leopard Tee!

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