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La Mer Pyramid Stud Wrap Watch

I have a Michael Kors tortoise watch that I bought myself after a bad breakup a couple years ago. For some reason, I felt the need to go on a shopping spree and max out my credit card and the watch was one thing I bought. It’s gorgeous, I love it but in the past year my wardrobe has literally went from colorful to black and white. My closet is full of black and white and it’s pretty much the only color I wear unless I’m forced to wear color.

Since my wardrobe is so dark, I thought maybe I need a new watch since my tortoise one doesn’t really fit my style anymore. When I saw the La Mer “Pyramid” Stud Wrap watch I was instantly in love. It was stylish, black with gold hardware and definitely unique looking. It’s always fun to buy pieces that you don’t see a lot of people wearing. Why be trendy, when you can design your own style. One thing is for sure, the “Pyramid” watch is getting written up on my wish list! Pure love!

You can purchase the La Mer “Pyramid” at Shop Bop for $98.