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IRO Kasey Cone Heel Booties

IRO Kasey Cone Heel Booties

Booties are a staple during the Autumn season. There is a chill in the air which makes wearing flats virtually impossible to enjoy.

IRO Kasey Cone Heel Booties are definitely a winter winner in my book! This week they were crowned Best Seller over at ShopBop, which is absolutely no surprise. The universal style makes them the perfect complimentary everyday shoe.

The layered look gives them more of a elegant feminine look.┬áDressed in layered leather panels that crisscross over a suede shaft. Design-wide the toe tapers to a structured point, and a wide cone heel elevates the silhouette. Heel measures: 4″

Shop the IRO Kasey Booties at ShopBop!

Available in the two classic Autumn colors: black and kaki brown.
Retails for $795