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Incase Metallic Bird's Nest Snap Case

Incase Metallic Bird’s Nest Case

Here I go again, fantasizing about my very own iPhone. I swear, I only want one because they make the coolest cases for them! Yep, I stumbled across yet another iPhone case that has me all giddy. Meet the Incase Metallic Bird’s Nest Snap Case for iPhone 4!

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Andy Warhol Marilyn Computer Case

Incase Andy Warhol Marilyn Computer Case

I’ve always been an old school kind of gal. Sometimes I even think I was born in a different era. Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Dean Martin and Grace Kelly are some of the people I admire. The fashion, mannerisms, and civility back then were much different than today. To me a lot of that classy etiquette and style is absent today. Even though we live in 2012, I still like to bring back that old school charm as much as I can. People always tell me I have an old soul, and I couldn’t agree more.

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