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Fleet “Still In Hollywood” Hair Chain

When I was little I was one of the victims of the “hair wrap” trend. Does anyone remember that? A little bit of our hair was taken and wrapped up tightly in different colors. I remember I wanted one so bad, that my friends brother did it for me. It was black, teal and white. All the girls had them but there wasn’t really a point to them. It was as if we added decoration to our hair but the bad part about it was that it would cause your hair to break really bad! Sometimes the whole entire wrap would just fall off and then you were left with a little bald spot in your hair. The things us girls do for fashion, I tell ya!

When I saw the Fleet Jewelry “Still In Hollywood” Hair Chain, it reminded me of the hair wrap I had when I was younger. This is a lot safer for your hair but it still nonetheless is adding decoration to your hair. I like that it’s just a little clip and then you have chains hanging from your hair. Adds some style to your hair especially if you are going for the whole rocker chick look! I like it! It’s different and unique! I’m a fan!

You can purchase the Fleet Jewelry “Still In Hollywood” Hair Chain at Shop Bop for $79.