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Chan Luu “Key” Earrings

When TIffany & Co., released the key necklaces it was the latest craze. Everyone wanted to go to the store and buy one. I confess, I wanted one too but I thought they were too pricey for the size.

After Tiffany & Co. had a hit with the key necklaces, other stores started to get on the trend too. It is an adorable trend, and I remember I even bought one that was fake gold for like $15. It didn’t last very long but it sure was cute!

The Chan Luu “Key” Earrings are adorable and sold at a great price too! I always like wearing earrings that are unique and these are definitely unique. I’m not sure how long they would last, as they aren’t real gold, but they sure are pretty for special occasions or outfits. I also love that they aren’t too big or too small, but just the right size for people to notice that you indeed have a key hanging off your ear.

They’re the cutest earrings I’ve seen in a while and will definitely catch some eyes when you wear them.

You can purchase the Chan Luu “Key” Earrings at Shop Bop for $62.