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Ash Iman Studded Slip On Sneakers

Ash Iman Studded Slip-on Sneakers

Flats are definitely “in” right now. They are sprouting up everywhere. But as trendy as flats can be, there is something even trendier out there — platform flats. When you first say it, it does sound a bit like an oxymoron.

What I like most about the idea of platform flats is that they are comfortable, and they can give you a little extra height boost. If considering this shoe trend, my piece of advise is don’t go too thick. If you do, you run the risk of looking too retro! The pair I’ve recently fallen for, and I think you will too, are these Ash Iman Slip on Sneakers!

These lovely Ash Iman flats remind me of the old slip on Keds I had when I was a kid. However, these are WAY cooler! I love the studded leather and the exposed side zips. They are edgy, yet casual. Also worth nothing, the “platform” is only one inch thick. That means they should be nice and comfortable. And you don’t have to worry about breaking your ankle!

Ash Black 'iman' Stud Leather Skate Slip-ons
The Ash Iman Slip On Sneakers are available here on SHOPBOP, where they retail for $280 normally but are ON SALE for $170.

Ash Wedge Sneakers

Ash ‘Cool’ Wedge Sneakers

I’m definitely a girl that hates flats and wears heels just about everyday. I’m short so heels give me some height and make me feel a little more confident. However, I’m in Acting School and the one thing we aren’t allowed to wear is heels. I try to get away with it sometimes but usually my teachers make me change before any of my scenes. When I discovered the wedge sneakers I screamed for joy! Sneakers are usually always comfortable and now I can wear some that also give me some height! They’re perfect for my Acting Classes and the wedges make me feel more confident.

The Ash “Cool” Wedge Sneakers¬†are so pretty and would look amazing with blue jeans, which is what I normally wear to class. I love the light color of them and I can promise you they are great quality. I’ve tried on a pair of Ash sneaker wedges before and they were stylish and comfortable! I love these and I think I need a new pair for my acting classes in New York!

Price Tag: $195

Ash Youri Shearling Wedge Boots

Ash Youri Shearling Wedge Boots

I have a slight case of OCD or perhaps I just like being very clean. I’m rarely ever barefoot. I think when you walk barefoot you are just asking for germs to attack your feet and I’m not a fan of it. I will not walk barefoot anywhere, not even in my house. When I’m home I wear my Ugg boots religiously. As soon as I walk in my house or get out of the shower, I will put my Ugg boots on. The only time I take them off is when I’m getting into bed. They’re very comfortable but for someone like me who wears heels everyday, they make me look incredibly short.

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Ash Ski Booties

I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding but if I did, I’d have the Ash “Extreme” Ski Booties right by my side. Obviously, they aren’t ideal for actually skiing in but they sure would look fabulous walking around in at some ski resort. They’re edgy, fabulous and would make the cold weather look extra stylish.

For some odd reason, when I saw these booties the “Terminator” instantly came to my mind. I don’t think of the snow when I see these shoes, I think of war, combat and some badass chick with a gun wearing them. Perhaps it’s because of all the hardware, straps, and studs that are featured on them.

These booties would look amazing with a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings. They’re definitely the type of show that would catch people’s eye when you’re walking down the street or in a store with them. Let’s face it, most boots are boring and these brings some fun and sass to them that would make everyone want them!

I love these babies and I know I want them for the upcoming cold weather! Gorgeous and fierce, my kind of style!

You can purchase the Ash “Extreme” Ski Booties at Shop Bop for $300.

Ash “Flirt” Kitten Heel Sneakers

I love heels and I’m definitely not a big fan of sneakers. Of course, I wear sneakers when I work out but believe me I don’t like it. The only reason why I’m not a fan of sneakers is because there is no height to them, at all! I’m very short, about 5’2, and I pretty much despise my height. My legs are too short and when I don’t have a heel on they look even shorter!

The fact that some brands are coming out with sneakers that have heels is fabulous. It’s pretty much the greatest invention ever to someone that is short. I’m not sure how it would actually feel to workout in sneaker heels but it is a pretty cool concept. However, I’m sure running on a tred mill would be an absolute nightmare with these still. Could you imagine fall or busting your ankle? Ouch.

Overall, I do love the idea of sneaker heels and totally want to buy a pair. I probably wouldn’t work out with them but there are always other places I want to wear sneakers to and I don’t because I’m afraid of looking short! Gives me a chance to be a little more casual, just with some height. A+ in my book!

You can purchase the Ash “Flirt” Kitten Heel Sneakers at Shop Bop for $138.

Ash “Heidi” Sandals

I live in Florida, which pretty much means that it’s hot almost all year long. We barely have a Winter, but then again Winter to a Floridian means anything below 75 degrees. In other words, stylish looking sandals are a must. When I say sandals, I mean with a heel too.

At the moment, the Ash “Heidi” Sandals are my current must have shoe for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. I personally call them a “remixed” gladiator sandal. They look like a gladiator heel that was popular about two years ago but with an added touch of of sophistication.

I’ve always been a fan of gladiator sandals but these are more fashionable than any pair I’ve ever seen before. As always, I love the black mixed with the gold hardware. These shoes would no doubt look amazing with a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings. They would stick out perfectly due to the plainness of the pants. Overall, I love these sandals to pieces and must get a pair! Definitely a great shoe to have for the hot months!

You can purchase the Ash “Heidi” Sandals at Shop Bop for $215.

Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heel Clogs

I’ve never been a fan of clogs. Even when I was little I hated them. I always saw them as this shoe that could make any fabulous outfit instantly look horrendous. Whenever I think of clogs, I think of either the Dutch or Nurses. It’s part of the Dutch culture to wear clogs and Nurses wear them for comfort reasons. Lately, we’ve been seeing a clogs comeback but surprisingly they are much more fashionable than what they use to be.

The Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heel Clogs are actually a pair I’d consider wearing! I absolutely love the laser cutout pattern and studded edges. Together they add some spice or perhaps just make the shoe a little more stylish all together.

A lot of people choose to wear clogs with dresses or skirts, but I definitely would not. To me, clogs are supposed to be comfort shoes or shoes you just slip on when you’re in a hurry. To me, jeans seem to be the ideal type of clothing that should be worn with clogs. Especially if they are loose or on the baggy side.

Will I go run and buy a pair of clogs? Most likely no. However, I will admit that clogs are looking better than ever before and I’m loving the different styles they are being featured in. Maybe when my feet are ruined from wearing heels everyday I’ll turn to clogs.

You can purchase the Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heel Clogs at Shop Bop for $210.

See the Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heels Clogs at: Shop Bop

Ash Fresh Kitten Heel Sneakers

It seems to be that sneaker heels are becoming a popular trend these days. I would say Manolo Blahnik started the trend years ago and it’s slowly coming back into style. I’m definitely someone that hates sneakers because I’m so short. Heels are always a must for me and sneakers are not flattering on me.

I’m not too fond of sneaker heels, but I have to say if I ever need a pair of sneakers you bet I’m going to buy a pair with a heel. I’ll still look fashionable and have some height at the same time.

The Ash “Fresh” Kitten Heel Sneakers are really cute and the heel is so small that you may actually be able to do things in them like you would in regular sneakers.

I’m not sure what I would wear these sneaker heels with but I would imagine they would look decent with shorts, skinny jeans or gym attire. Definitely a cute pair of shoes to add to your shoe collection especially if you’ve had a thing for Chuck Taylor’s at one point in your life.

You can purchase the Ash “Fresh” Kitten Heel Sneakers at Shop Bop for $130.

Ash Lotus Cutout Booties

Wedges are always a plus to add to a shoe collection, and I’m definitely craving a new pair. I’m currently drooling over the Ash “Lotus” Cutout Booties. I fell in love with them because they look so different than the average wedge. Most wedges I see are usually espadrilles or just plain looking in general.

The multiple straps featured on the shoe give it that “extreme” look and makes it look way different than any other shoe out there. Even the zip closure on the back of the shoe gives it that finishing touch and compliments the style well.

You can purchase the Ash “Lotus” Cutout Booties at Shop Bop for $240, which I believe is an amazing price. This is such an unique looking wedge that it’s worth the price. There’s nothing like getting a shoe that doesn’t look like anything anyone else has!

See the Ash “Lotus” Cutout Booties at: Shop Bop