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Alejandro Ingelmo -Spider- Wedge Sandals

Alejandro Ingelmo Spider Wedge Sandals

I’m a shoe girl. I love shoes and I feel a woman can never have enough. I love my high heels but I have to admit I love wedges more. Sometimes my feet hurt after wearing heels for a few hours but they never hurt with wedges. Wedges seem to have more support and are definitely more comfortable. I have a pair of KORS by Michael Kors wedges that I can literally wear all day long and never have an ounce of pain or discomfort.

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Alejandro Ingelmo Grace Booties

I get excited about a lot of things but I’m especially excited about the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. I can now hope for cooler weather in Florida and lots of new boots. Boots are one of my favorite fashion accessories and if it wasn’t so hot in Florida I would wear them all year long. Don’t get my wrong, I love my high heels but a good pair of boots just screams sexy.

I’m now obsessed with the Alejandro Ingelmo “Grace” Asymmetrical Booties. I’m not sure with the opening on the side how ideal they are for extremely cold weather but boy are they fabulous! I love the side opening and to wear a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans would be an amazing combination.

The only “con” about these booties is the color. Being that it’s so light and how rugged Fall/Winter weather can be they will probably be prone to getting dirty. They’re so stunning though who cares! With a show like that, they are worth the chance to get dirty we just have to clean them immediately!

Definitely a gorgeous pair of booties to add to any shoe collection! I’m a fan!

You can purchase the Alejandro Ingelmo “Grace” Asymmetrical Booties at Shop Bop for $645.