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Ash Iman Studded Slip On Sneakers

Ash Iman Studded Slip-on Sneakers

Flats are definitely “in” right now. They are sprouting up everywhere. But as trendy as flats can be, there is something even trendier out there — platform flats. When you first say it, it does sound a bit like an oxymoron.

What I like most about the idea of platform flats is that they are comfortable, and they can give you a little extra height boost. If considering this shoe trend, my piece of advise is don’t go too thick. If you do, you run the risk of looking too retro! The pair I’ve recently fallen for, and I think you will too, are these Ash Iman Slip on Sneakers!

These lovely Ash Iman flats remind me of the old slip on Keds I had when I was a kid. However, these are WAY cooler! I love the studded leather and the exposed side zips. They are edgy, yet casual. Also worth nothing, the “platform” is only one inch thick. That means they should be nice and comfortable. And you don’t have to worry about breaking your ankle!

Ash Black 'iman' Stud Leather Skate Slip-ons
The Ash Iman Slip On Sneakers are available here on SHOPBOP, where they retail for $280 normally but are ON SALE for $170.

GAS Bijoux Serti Plume Pheasant Earrings

Statement Earrings: GAS Bijoux Serti Plume Pheasant Earrings

I just love feather earrings! I don’t know what it is, but they have this magical aura about them. They can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

The other day when I came across the GAS Bijoux Serti Plume Earrings, I was left awestruck. These are statement earrings. They are super gorgeous. Which kinda left me surprised that I know nothing about this earring designer. Lucky for me, Shopbop offers designer bios. According to the website, the family-owned company was originally founded in 1969 by Andre Gas. Freshly graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, Gas found inspiration in the peace and love movement… a style that still shows today.

These earrings really capture the spirit of the brand. I love the brightly colored feathers, including the pheasant feathers that are mixed in. Accompanying the real feathers are gold plated feather charms and earthy, faceted stones. My favorite feature, however, is the stud back. With such a large earring to support, a stud back is much more practical than a traditional wire hook.

The GAS Bijoux Serti Plume Pheasant Earrings are available Here at SHOPBOP

Free People Knit Triple Creek Marled Leg Warmers

Comfy Cozy Wear: Free People Triple Creek Marled Leg Warmers

It is that time of year again! As colder weather slowly makes its way onto the scene, more and more boots are being freed from our closets and shoe boxes. One problem that I always run in to, is that not all boots cover your legs. So leg warmers are a great option if you’re in the same boat as me. However, here we are facing the same conundrum that resurfaces year after year. Are leg warmers ‘in’?

Leg warmers keep coming back each fall/winter season and it’s clear that it’s clearly a trend worth adopting. The Free People Triple Creek Marled Leg Warmers are certainly interesting. They are full of texture and the marled yarn gives them a great two-tone effect. They can be worn over the knee or slouchy. Personally, I think slouchy would be best. Especially if they are paired with ankle boots.

Free People caters to a contemporary bohemian lifestyle, highlighting creative spirit and effortless confidence with a unique do-it-yourself sensibility. Check out the Triple Creek Marled Leg Warmers, where they retail for under $25, here at SHOPBOP!

Kenneth Jay Lane Double Fan Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Double Fan Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane is one of my favorite “contemporary” jewelry designers. His pieces are gorgeous, there is no arguing that. But they are also pretty affordable (mid-range pricing). I have seen some great stuff from this designer over the years and it makes me sad to think they sort of get overlooked. When I see pieces like the Kenneth Jay Lane Double Fan Earrings though, I wonder how anyone could not be hooked!

I absolutely adore three dimensional earrings. What I mean are the designs that incorporate both the front and back. In the case of this pair, two fans sit on either side of the earlobe. One fan is the earring itself and the other fan is attached to the back. The result is a level of depth you just cannot achieve with traditional earring designs. I also love the fact that these are fans. You know, like old fashioned hand fans. They are undeniably feminine. Plus the intricate details are exquisite.

The Kenneth Jay Lane Double Fan Earrings are available here at SHOPBOP
Retails for $245

Ultimate Glamour: Alexis Bittar Swarovski Crystal Traveling Earrings

Ultimate Glamour: Alexis Bittar Swarovski Crystal Traveling Earrings

When it comes to earrings, I look for unique, standout statement pieces. I like it when my earrings make people stop and take a second glance. It’s just to easy to own and wear seemingly ordinary styles. Which is why I love these Alexis Bittar Traveling Earrings. They look like nothing else I have ever seen.

Designer Alexis Bittar got his start selling vintage jewelry and clothing in New York City. I guess it should come as no surprise then that many of his designs appear to be vintage-inspired. That is what I love about this particular pair. The Swarovski crystals are gorgeous and they look like something you would find in grandma’s jewelry box. I also love the mix of shapes and the curved line of smaller crystals that seem to cradle the larger teardrop crystal. And then there are the chains. Described as “draped”, the chains create a swag look underneath the earrings. Beautiful!

The Alexis Bittar Traveling Earrings are available at ShopBop!

DANNIJO Paloma Necklace

Statement Accessory: DANNIJO Paloma Necklace

How do you add a statement to a simple little black dress? For most of you, the answer is some kind of accessory. A clutch? Shoes? What about jewelry? Well, the answer could be any one of these things… each offering its own unique spin. For me, I am really liking the idea of statement jewelry right now. I happened to come across the DANNIJO Paloma Necklace and it looks like it might be just the thing I am looking for!

This DANNIJO Paloma Necklace is one BIG statement piece. I mean that literally too! This necklace definitely has some substance to it. I would probably classify it as a bib style. I love the chain links and the fact that they are varied in size and shape. They create almost a tiered look. And then there is the focal point of this piece. In the center, there are three “balls” with a border around them. They really draw the eye in and tie the whole piece together. This necklace may not have the bling, but there is no mistaking its boldness. Just remember to keep the other accessories to a minimum!

Check it out over on ShopBop!
Retails for $570

Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff With Chain

Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff with Whisper-Thin Chain.

I remember when I was in high school that ear cuffs were a HUGE thing. Everyone had them and some people would have multiples lining the edge of their ears. Yep, gaudy, I know! Some of them were rather bulky too. But I never really jumped on the bandwagon with that fad. I suppose it was a good thing I never did because they disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared! Well, guess what. Ear cuffs are back. But I am not as put off by their reappearance as I thought I would be. That is because most are actually quite dainty. Just check out the Jacquie Aiche JA Ear Cuff With Chain!

It is described as a whisper-thin chain uniting a tiny ear cuff and ball stud earring. Whisper-thin is right! The 3.25 inch chain is super dainty. The cuff is practically invisible too. The result is a very elegant piece that would be perfect for anyone looking for something a little different!

$165 (single)

Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff

Alexis Bittar Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff

Nothing adds drama to an ensemble like a statement piece. When it comes to statement pieces, I tend to go for jewelry items with bold details. They can really play up a little black dress, for example. Or add interest to a basic button-down shirt and dress pants. They are a great way to save money too. Keep your clothing simple and classic so your wardrobe can stand the test of time. Leave the fun for your jewelry purchases and trade out trendy stuff as necessary. And remember, the bigger the statement the better! That is why I am really loving the Alexis Bittar Maldavian Feathered Turquoise Cuff right now!

Layers of antiqued rhodium strands create the foundation for this piece. From a distance, they give off a feather-like appearance. A large chunk of turquoise creates the focal point of this piece. Surrounding the stone is a contrasting border of gold tone metal, which is encrusted with tons of Swarovski crystals. Together these features offer a truly unique and trendy piece. It is perfect for summer!

Price Tag: $346

College Survival Kit

The College Survival Kit

The school year has just ended, so it seems odd to find this in the new arrivals section. Then again, they may just be planning ahead for the fall semester already. Do you know someone who will be heading off to college in the fall? Perhaps this will serve as a good gift idea. Meet the Pinch Provisions College Survival Kit!

This cute little kit consists of a mesh pouch filled with everything a college freshman might need in an “emergency”. Plus the pouch can double as a travel cosmetic case. The kit itself includes a mending kit, poster adhesive, a book light, stain-removing towelettes, earplugs, a thermometer strip, caffeinated chewing gum, a laundry bag, laundry instructions, an eye mask, a first-aid kit, and a screwdriver. Phew! Just think of all the disasters that will be dodged! I can think of several times items like these would have come in handy. The best part though is the price. This kit is really affordable. So affordable, in fact, that you could get one for every college student on your shopping list.

Price Tag: $25

Sara Designs Maasi Native Watch

Sara Designs Maasi Native Watch

I don’t know what it is, but I love unique and unusual watches. I think it is because they aren’t really jewelry. At least not in a formal sense anyway. You can certainly have a dressy watch for dressy occasions. However, when it comes to casual occasions, anything goes! You don’t necessarily have to match your outfit or coordinate with your other jewelry, your watch is just your watch. So go wild! That is why the Sara Designs Maasi Native Watch caught my eye! It really does stand on its own.

First of all, I love the idea of wrap watches. They have the look of a cuff without all that extra substance (think wide heavy leather bands). This one is a gorgeous mix of beads, braided leather, and gold tone curb chains. Plus is has a cute little skull charm dangling near the watch itself. This watch is obviously of exotic inspiration, which is fitting since the designer bases her designs on things she has seen during her world travels.

Also available in Coral Mix and Blue Mix.

Lush Olive Branch Shower Gel

Lush Cosmetics Olive Branch Shower Gel

It has been awhile since I have indulged in some Lush Cosmetics. Plus they have so much stuff, it is difficult to try everything. That being said, the shower gel pictured here is not new. However, it is new to me! And I must say, it is probably my new favorite (at least in the shower gel category). Check out the Olive Branch Shower Gel from Lush Cosmetics!

To me, nothing smells better than fresh oranges. I just love that citrus scent! This shower gel combines mandarin and lemon for an extra invigorating burst of freshness. Plus mandarin juice is said to lighten your mood and brighten dull skin. But mandarin is not the magic ingredient in this shower gel. The real showstopper is the olive oil. It offers a gentle way to moisturize dry skin and, I might add, it really does work! Just make sure to shake before each use, the olive oil tends to settle on the bottom of the bottle.

3.3 fl oz – $9.95
8.4 fl oz – $18.95
16.9 fl oz – $28.95

For Love & Lemons Lulu Dress

For Love & Lemons Lulu Dress – LBD!

Last minute party? I hate it when that happens! The best solution is to be prepared ahead of time. That means having some things in your closet that you can simply throw on and still look good. And when it comes to selecting such a piece, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Right now, my eye is on the For Love & Lemons Lulu Dress!

The simplicity of this dress is probably what I find most appealing. It is made of a mid-weight jersey, which provides really nice movement. The front of the bodice features a deep v-neck mesh inset, while the back is completely sheer. The look is not only sexy, but sophisticated as well. This dress is perfect because it can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. Plus it comes at a great price! Did I mention this lovely dress is under $100? You can’t beat that!