Lulu Frost Insight Necklace

Lulu Frost Insight Necklace

Has anyone heard of Lulu Frost? I recently stumbled upon this designer while browsing and I will admit I became instantly obsessed! Everything about this designer is intriguing. Lisa Salzer named her line after her grandmother, who worked in the estate and antique jewelry business. She uses found objects to create one-of-a-kind pieces and her designs carry with them a great vintage vibe. Interestingly, some of her most recent pieces appear to have a bit of ancient Egyptian influence. Just check out the Lulu Frost Insight Necklace!

This stunning statement piece features several eyes linked together in a chain-like fashion. Each eye features a beautiful blue crystal “iris” and a clear crystal border. On the side of each eye hangs two spikes, one large and one small. These are interesting because they almost remind me of tears. Big and bold, this necklace is certainly a show stopper! It would pair nicely with a simple scoop neck top.

Find the Lulu Frost Insight Necklace at shopbop!
Retails for $432

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