Elizabeth and James Fox Sapphire Earrings

As I always mention, I love weird and unique things especially when it comes to fashion. I like when I’m able to purchase and wear something that not many people have. I don’t think it’s amusing to go out and a majority of people are wearing something you have on too. I hate trends, I don’t follow them and I love being different. A lot of people are into these Pandora bracelets and I refuse to wear them. Do I think they’re pretty? Yes, but everyone and their Mother has one. When the trend dies down, that’s when I’ll probably want to buy one. Life is too short. Why be like everyone else, when you were born to stand out. That’s my motto at least.

The Elizabeth and James “Fox” Sapphire Earrings are definitely something I’d wear. I’m not even fond of foxes but when do you ever see someone wearing fox earrings? I can bet your answer is, never. They’re a cute pair of earrings to wear on days when you don’t want to have a lot of jewelry on but yet you still want to wear something that stands out. I can promise you, they do the job. A+!

You can purchase the Elizabeth and James “Fox” Earrings at ShopBop for $85.

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