Armani + Julia Roberts = RED Bracelets

Academy Award-winning American film actress Julia Roberts has paired up with long time friend Giorgio Armani to produce a special bracelet for Product Red, a charity dedicated to supporting the fight against AIDS in Africa.

RED: “Revolution-Evolution-Devotion”

“Julia has helped to create a beautiful accessory … which will be a visible reminder of the part that we can all play in fighting AIDS in Africa,” Armani said in a statement.

All proceeds from the sales will go to Product Red, an organization founded by Irish singer Bono to fight AIDS in Africa. Bracelets are made of genuine leather and sterling silver with embossed banyan “tree of life” symbol with the words “Revolution, Evolution, and Devotion” embossed across the top. The “J.R. And Emporio Armani” stamped on the inside of the bracelet.

Available in Him and Her styles – Cognac for him ($195) or Red for her ($175). They’ll also be available in stores beginning February 2008.

Discover the Armani + Julia Roberts RED Bracelets

– Jennifer

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7 thoughts on “Armani + Julia Roberts = RED Bracelets

  1. I would really like this message to be delivered to Julia Roberts. Julia, I don’t know if you had any input regarding the price of this bracelet, but not all of us have checking accounts that reach the millions. I am truly disappointed in the price of this bracelet. What were you thinking? Us average Joes cannot afford to purchase this, I guess you are just looking at your movie star friends to purchase this, right? There are some of us hard-working middle class people who want to donate funds and to an organization where we know our money will be a help to these countries. With your name on it, I was hoping to donate through your bracelet. I wanted to give a few to my neices. I cannot now. I cannot afford $175.00 a piece for it. I just watched you on the Today show and was very impressed with your effort on this matter. Oh well
    Torri Quinn

  2. I agree Torri. I mean, I understand that it’s for charity, but how many people are willing to pay almost $200 for a little piece of leather? I don’t even spend that much on a single piece of clothing or shoes. perhaps if the cost was 25% of the current price more people could buy them and the campaign would maybe even make more $$!

    but i will support the RED campaign through other means. thanks.

  3. I can understand the price of it just because it is a donation for a seemingly good cause but what is with putting the writing evolution on it?? Don’t see what that has to do with aids. Some of us such as myself believe in Jesus christ and he is the son of god. god created us in his image it had nothing to do with evolution. i wouldn’t pay anything for the bracelet with that on it. I am not saying i wouldn’t give to the cause just not to wear something that says that. now
    if it said jesus christ in lord ok.

  4. You know I agree with the price thing….its too much for my pocket book….but when it comes down to it I think what she had in mind was that FOURTY PERCENT goes to the aids effort in Africa….thats EIGHTY BUCKS to help those who need it. So I don’t think she was thinking in terms of “my friends would love this and can afford it” I think she was thinking…. “That money is gonna do some good.”

    Just a thought….

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