Alice + Olivia “Dryden” Suspender Dress

I’m an old school kind of girl. I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra, I love the fashion from the 40′s and 60′s and even the mannerisms and etiquette back then were impeccable. As the years go by, I feel like the sparkle of the old times is diminishing. With that said, whenever I see fashion with an old school vibe my heart instantly falls in love. An old school fashion piece that I wish we saw more often is suspenders. I currently own one pair of suspenders and sadly I don’t wear them very often. Suspenders are stylish though and I love when men wear them. To see them on the alice + olivia “Dryden” Suspender Dress made me so incredibly happy and made me wish I owned this dress!

Black and white are two of my favorite colors and this whole dress is classy with a capital C. The dress is pretty much a mirror version of a suit for a man just with a girly twist to it. I also love that the suspenders are optional. They make the dress look fashionable but if you aren’t feeling them one day you can easily take them off. It’s gorgeous and can be worn to so many different outings. A fancy lunch, an evening out, a special occasion or maybe to a shopping trip. The “Dryden” is simple but yet stunning. In others words, I’m in love with it.

You can purchase the alice + olivia “Dryden” Suspender Dress at Shop Bop for $367.

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