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Madewell Canvas “Boardwalk” Brogues

I consider myself old school and if a time machine existed I would love to teleport and live in the 20′s or 40′s particularly for the fashion. The fashion of those days was so impeccable, unique, classy and sophisticated. Over the years, I think the style from long ago has been lost. People these days only dress up when the occasion calls for it. Fashionista’s are pretty much the only people that probably get dressed up whenever they go out, I would say that’s how people were back then. Does it make people that don’t want to dress up bad people? Of course not. I just think the idea of true fashion for both men and women has pretty much vanished over the decades.

Every time I see a shoe that could of been from the 20′s or 40′s I scream. I love when designer have the guts to bring back “old school” fashion. The Madewell Canvas “Boardwalk” Brogues is definitely the type of shoe you would of saw people swinging and jiving to.

My only downfall about these is that they aren’t heels! I don’t wear flats at all but if these were made in heels I would be all over them. Just because they are flats though, doesn’t mean I’m not in love with them! Perhaps, if I was taller I’d buy a pair instantly. It’s always fun to channel fashion from our previous times. Gorgeous shoe though, that’s for sure.

You can purchase the Madewell Canvas “Boardwalk” Brogues at Shop Bop for $168.

See the Madewell Canvas “Boardwalk” Brogues at: Shop Bop

Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heel Clogs

I’ve never been a fan of clogs. Even when I was little I hated them. I always saw them as this shoe that could make any fabulous outfit instantly look horrendous. Whenever I think of clogs, I think of either the Dutch or Nurses. It’s part of the Dutch culture to wear clogs and Nurses wear them for comfort reasons. Lately, we’ve been seeing a clogs comeback but surprisingly they are much more fashionable than what they use to be.

The Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heel Clogs are actually a pair I’d consider wearing! I absolutely love the laser cutout pattern and studded edges. Together they add some spice or perhaps just make the shoe a little more stylish all together.

A lot of people choose to wear clogs with dresses or skirts, but I definitely would not. To me, clogs are supposed to be comfort shoes or shoes you just slip on when you’re in a hurry. To me, jeans seem to be the ideal type of clothing that should be worn with clogs. Especially if they are loose or on the baggy side.

Will I go run and buy a pair of clogs? Most likely no. However, I will admit that clogs are looking better than ever before and I’m loving the different styles they are being featured in. Maybe when my feet are ruined from wearing heels everyday I’ll turn to clogs.

You can purchase the Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heel Clogs at Shop Bop for $210.

See the Ash “Spicy” Cutout High Heels Clogs at: Shop Bop

Giuseppe Zanotti Chiffon “Rosette” Sandals

Roses are my favorite kind of flower and Giuseppe Zanotti is one of my favorite higher end shoe designers. Put the two together and you have on explosive, unique looking shoe. I’m in a wedding at the end of this year and as soon as I saw these I instantly thought how amazing they would look in the dress.

The Giuseppe Zanotti Chiffon “Rosette” Sandals are the type of shoes that you only want to take out for special occasions but at the same time want to make a statement. They would look beautiful with just about any dress they can match.

My favorite feature of the shoe is that it really does look like it has flowers on it. It reminds me more of a blooming carnation but I suppose I can see the rose resemblances in it. It would just have to be a rose that it opened up. Carnation or Rose the shoe is absolutely gorgeous.

You can purchase the Giuseppe Zanotti Chiffon “Rosette” Sandals at Shop Bop for $750.

Dolce Vita “Jade” Platform Wedge Sandals

I discovered Dolce Vita about a year ago when I was on a website looking for shoes, of course. I spotted a black heels that had little tiny silver studs all over it. I’m obsessed with edgy fashion and the shoes complimented my wardrobe well. Sadly, I never purchased the shoes but ever since I saw those I became obsessed with Dolce Vita.

Even though I do not own a pair of Dolce Vita shoes, I’m sure I will one day since it’s one of my favorite designer shoe brands out there. The shoes are always reasonably priced and very fashionable looking.

At the moment, I love the Dolce Vita “Jade” Platform Wedge Sandals. It’s always hot here in Florida and wedges are a must in my shoe collection to give my feet a break from heels. The “Jade” wedges are so versatile and can go with so many different Spring and Summer looks. They are also very stylish looking and can be worn at any time of the day. I know I would pair them up with a great pair of shorts. Wedges always have a way of looking super cute with a pair of shorts to give you a fashionable look.

You can purchase the Dolce Vita “Jade” Platform Wedge Sandals at Shop Bop for $191.

Boutique 9 Daraye Studded Pumps

I love to dress up but I’m also obsessed with the whole rocker chick, edgy look. A majority of my wardrobe is black and white and boy do I love studs! Studs are a prime example of what’s a must have in a rocker look.

Boutique 9 is a brand that I have loved for a while now. I’ve never been a fan of Nine West, but I have to admit when Nine West introduced Boutique 9 I was instantly in love. I felt the shoes in the Boutique 9 collection were a little more edgier, young and fun looking compared to the regular Nine West shoe.

The Boutique 9 “Daraye” Studded Open Toe Pumps are gorgeous and remind me of a shoe Christian Louboutin had out not that long ago. Just by looking at them you can tell they have that edgy, rocker look to them and would look absolutely adorable with a pair of leggings, capri’s or even a pair of shorts. I know I want these shoes to add to my collection!

You can purchased the Boutique 9 “Daraye” Studded Open Toe Pumps at Shop Bop for $170.

Balenciaga Moto Jackets

I for one am a huge fan of Balenciaga handbags, particularly the City. I love how season after season the bag comes back but available in a new fresh palette of colors for the picking. But what about their jackets? To be honest I’ve never really paid much attention to them in the past, but when this deal popped up in my box it was too good to not pass along.

Over at Portero for 48 hours only save $200 off the Balenciaga Moto Leather Jackets when you use the promo code “MOTO”!

Colors in stock: Clementine (orange), Higgings (brown), Vert de Gris (tealish-blue), Marine (blue) Many sizes available.

Price: $1695 (orig $2595)

Diane von Furstenberg “Eva” Scarf Sandals

Diane von Furstenberg has always been one of my favorite designers. Anything she comes out with can be labeled sophisticated but classy fashion.

As soon as I laid my eyes on the “Eva” Scarf Tie Platform Sandals I started drooling. I may have a tiny bit of an obsessed with bows but these shoes are beautiful! They would look absolutely amazing with any black evening dress especially if it’s short. I wouldn’t wear these out with just any outfit. They do have that evening, special occasion look to them. They might be able to go with a skirt for a daytime look, but that’s stretching it. To me, a suede tie up heel is best for night but of course that’s just my opinion.

These are the type of shoes that I would want my dress to be short and simple. These sandals give you the opportunity to show them and your legs off. Overall, they are a beautiful shoe that I must have!

The Diane von Furstenberg “Eva” Sandals can be purchased at Shop Bop for $275.

Ash Fresh Kitten Heel Sneakers

It seems to be that sneaker heels are becoming a popular trend these days. I would say Manolo Blahnik started the trend years ago and it’s slowly coming back into style. I’m definitely someone that hates sneakers because I’m so short. Heels are always a must for me and sneakers are not flattering on me.

I’m not too fond of sneaker heels, but I have to say if I ever need a pair of sneakers you bet I’m going to buy a pair with a heel. I’ll still look fashionable and have some height at the same time.

The Ash “Fresh” Kitten Heel Sneakers are really cute and the heel is so small that you may actually be able to do things in them like you would in regular sneakers.

I’m not sure what I would wear these sneaker heels with but I would imagine they would look decent with shorts, skinny jeans or gym attire. Definitely a cute pair of shoes to add to your shoe collection especially if you’ve had a thing for Chuck Taylor’s at one point in your life.

You can purchase the Ash “Fresh” Kitten Heel Sneakers at Shop Bop for $130.

Report “Calyer” Pumps

I love shoes especially ones that look unique. I also love shoes that can pass as Christian Louboutin’s. Christian Louboutin’s are amazing and probably my favorite designer shoe out there. I’ll admit though when I find a pair of shoes that can pass as Christian Louboutin’s, I get a little excited especially if they are a quarter of the price.

When I saw the Report “Calyer” Slated Platform Pumps I fell in love instantly. At first glance I thought they were Christian Louboutin’s. They definitely have the same look, just without the red sole’s. They seemed unique looking to me because they look as if someone came by and sliced they up with a sharp knife.

Even though the “Calyer” comes in two different colors, I love the almond color way more. The black version is lovely, but the slits in the shoe stick out and can be seen more in the almond color. Such a beautiful pump to have and would look amazing with a pair of super cute denim skinny jeans.

You can purchase the Report “Calyer” Slatted Platform Pumps at Shop Bop for $265.